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Prior to the start of construction of the church building, the Clearlake (known at the time as Clearlake Highlands SDA Church)  decided to make provision for a church school. An abandoned one-room school building located in Morgan Valley was moved onto two lots which were large enough to provide play area for the children. On July 19 1947 it was moved that the school be commenced in the coming year, as there were six children who were desirous of receiving a Christian Education. On May 10, 1948 the church Board Meeting was held in the “Little Red Schoolhouse.”

As the church grew there were more children  were enrolled in the school, and it was time to enlarge the facilities. “What is now known as the Multipurpose Building was constructed, and the upper grades were accommodated in that structure, while the “Little Red Schoolhouse” as it is called, served the lower grades. The enrollment had increased to the point where it was necessary to employ two teachers. There were 42 students enrolled at that time. The school continued to grow so approximately five acres of land were purchased for a new school plant, and the new building was constructed. Incidentally there was enough land at the site to provide a site for a new church building.

As contrast in the cost of building, the new school consisting of future classrooms, etc. the new building was over $40,000 while the original “little Red Schoolhouse” was secured for a few hundred dollars
According to the Clear Lake Observer-American of Thursday, December 16, 1971 Clara Howland was “seated at her desk as principal of the new Clearlake Highlands Seventh-day Adventist school,” with Beverly Peterson-Dishman as the second teacher which was located at15150 Davis Street, Clearlake, CA. Ms. Peterson remembers that they moved into the new school in the middle of the year.

Mrs. Suzanne Aikin remembers that the  school was originally called Clearlake Adventist School, and was located on the church property at 14490 Uhl Street  in “The Little Red Schoolhouse," then moved to what is now the Sabbath School rooms.  Later the school name was changed to Clara Howland School,  and a new school was built at 15150  Davis Street. In 1995 the name of the school was changed to Clearlake SDA Christian School.


“Oh, the memories of the four years", writes Wayne Curtis, " I spent in this school house! The building was moved behind the church from Cache Creek. I guess it is about 10-12 miles from town. There were windows on only the one side. There was a small room in the back of the building with an exit. Outside the door was a tree. When I got into trouble, I recall Mrs. Howland taking me out to that tree and letting me select which branch I would get m hide tanned with.
Off to the right was a baseball field. One day Terry was taking a few practice swings with the baseball bat and Linda was not watching where she was walking and got clobbered in the head. She was out cold for a few minutes, but survived OK.
I notice that on the picture there is a misprint, “Clear Lake HEIGHTLANDS”.  It only took me 53 years to catch that one!  Mrs. Howland’s husband, Elmer, was one of the foremost bird authorities in the area. I recall him taking us to Lower Lake early one morning and showing us a Sand Hill Crane. He also pointed out my first Wood duck.
Mrs. Howland was my teacher for four years. We three Curtis boys came to the Seventh-day Adventist School from Burns Valley school in 1956. Our parents were not Christians at the time, but mom (Mary Sparkman Curtis) had been baptized in the church as a teenager, but had drifted away during the war. Our parents decided to try us at the Adventist school that year. We asked them if we could go to Sabbath School with our schoolmates. They not only said yes, but came with us. There were baptized in the Lakeport church in August 1956 by Pastor Frank Steunenberg. I was 10 years old when we left Clearlake, but the roots have kept me anchored in the Lord ever since.




Teachers: & Staff



Years Teacher(s) Board Chairperson NCC Ed. Representative
1948-67 Clara Howland    

Clara Howland
Beverly Peterson-Dishman
Dr. Kieseker  
Late 70's Gr 1-8 Ruth Watts     
Early 80's Gr 5-8 Bob Coombs 
Gr 1-4 Lynn McCoy  
  Ken Hutchins
1982-89 Gr 1-8 Roland Tsujimura Tommy Sowell Ken Hutchins
Early 90's Gr 1-8 Michelle Devine Tommy Sowell Ken Hutchins
Mid 90's Gr 1-8 Teresa Wilkinson  Tommy Sowell Ken Hutchins
1995- Gr 1-8 Suzanne Aikin  Malcom Dillon Ken Hutchins
  Gr 5-8 Suzanne Aikin
Gr 1-4 Elaine McGee 
Charles Conley Betty Juarros 

Sept 2002-
 June 2007

Gr 5-8 Suzanne Aikin 
Gr 1-4 Nancy McCoy 
Tommy Sowell Isabel Rincon
Sept 2007- Gr 5-8 Suzanne Aikin 
Gr K-4 Neva Gaskell 
Tommy Sowell Lynal Ingham
2009-11 Gr 1-8 Neva Gaskell Susan Jen Lynal Ingham
2011- Gr 1-8 Dolly Milholland Susan Jen Lynal Ingham
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